ELTRAK equals quality

The leading position of the ELTRAK Group has been established thanks to the high quality of products and services provided. Proactive actions and internal audits are the key elements of our Quality Policy, which consists of an integral part of the continuous development of our business units. Constant motion is a challenging process, which makes ELTRAK Group a pleasant and sustainable workplace.

Our Quality Policy conforms to the legislative requirements and whenever required, the internal procedures are subject to revisions so that they will be always aligned with the Corporate Strategy. ELTRAK’s corporate Quality Policy is routed on the values of:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Team-Work
  • Integrity
  • Performance

Setting and monitoring specific quality service levels is a constant process to further develop ourselves.

Our everlasting goals are:

● Create bonds with our clients.
● Broaden our client and product portfolios
● Efficient and Quick customer support
● Maintain and further grow our market positioning
● Identify and eliminate errors
● Premises and equipment upgrade
● Our staff’s continuous training and skill development

Environmental practices

ELTRAK’s initiatives are not limited to restricting the negative impact our activities reflect on the environment. At the same time contributes to environmentally friendly initiatives and programs.

Our business associates support the same objective, their corporate culture is totally aligned with compliance operating towards a sustainable environment by utilizing high standards of waste management.

We love being green, we focus based on our experience and methods implemented so far in order to remain green. Our staff’s training and environmental awareness over the years contributed to the perception of environmental issues related to reducing waste, implement new procedures and ways to be more energy-efficient.