ELTRAK’s Profile

The ELTRAK Group is part of CP Holdings Group. Since its debut in 1956 in the United Kingdom, it has expanded to different countries in Central Europe and Africa but also in Israel.

CP Holdings' activity includes hotels, leasing of equipped business premises, machinery trading, and also business in agriculture, technology at an international level. Since the incorporation of ELTRAK Group, CP Holdings has been present for the first time in Greece and Bulgaria, adding in their portfolio three important companies, ELTRAK and ELTRAK Bulgaria dealers of the top brand Caterpillar and ELASTRAK dealer of the Bridgestone brand.

The ELTRAK group has been synonymous with success and development, since it was established in 1982, having the dealership for two premium international brands, first Caterpillar and then Bridgestone in 2001. Since then the portfolio has been enriched with top brands such as JLG (lift equipment), MaK (marine diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines), Palfinger (lifting solutions and container handling systems), as well as PowerScreen,  MB and Pronar (crushing, sorting, and recycling equipment). ELTRAK Group has been distinguished for its modern and secure facilities, advanced IT systems, ISO alliances that offer added value to its products and services. On top of all these, the experience of the professional staff aligned with the commitment to the values of the Group, which are summarized below: Integrity, efficiency, innovation, team spirit focused on serving the society.

Goal, Quality Policy & Values

Our goal is to be able to seamlessly provide our clients with quality products and services at any time, in order to meet their needs and expectations, contributing effectively to their progress and development.

ELTRAK is a leading company for providing high-quality products and services. Quality is our top priority and makes an indispensable part of our corporate culture and daily routine making your business successful according to your needs.

All of the actions and operations of the ELTRAK Group, since its establishment, are carefully designed to be entirely aligned with the fundamental values of our Group:











Environmental Policy

ELTRAK Group has a holistic approach to environmental issues, proposing products and solutions to problems that threaten sustainability. ELTRAK’s initiatives are not limited to restricting the negative environmental consequences of our activities. At the same time contributes to environmentally friendly initiatives and programs. Our business associates support the same objective, their corporate culture is totally aligned with compliance operating towards a sustainable environment by utilizing high standards of waste management.