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Privacy Policy

Information on the personal data (PD), which we process (collect, store, etc.) when you use the Services via our site or via email and how they are used, shared and protected.
The COMPANY is the controller for the PD collected with your registration for communication purposes or for connection to the online form.
We do not collect your data if you don't interact with us (see cookies Policy)
When you interact with our Services, we collect directly PD by you or from other sources, but always only after your request for provision of Services, i.e. a Transaction (see below) or because you want to contact us.
This data collected can be characterized PD, which, as a rule, provided by you or data from other sources that are collected legally for the provision of our Services.
The PD is used for the following purposes:
The PD facilitate the quick and efficient provision of our Services. In addition, they facilitate our communications with you such as providing you with information, from preparation of a Transaction etc.
The Services are not directed to minors. However, there is a case to collect such PD involuntary and unknowingly. In this case, you must notify us immediately and you must not use our services without parental consent. We as controller reserve the right to discontinue any provision of services. If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your minor child has gained access to the Services, please let us know immediately.
We will retain your PD relating to you for the period necessary to fulfill the provision of Services described herein unless a longer period is required or permitted by the law. Some information can be kept for our compliance with the applicable law, the regulatory framework, to resolve disputes, to prevent deceptive and unfair practices, or if a contract is concluded between you and us (in such case you will be informed again for the processing of PD you).
We respect and protect your PD as possible. The security of PD is very important to us and we make every effort to protect them. You should, however, be aware that the internet is not the safest environment and you need to be extremely diligent in the observance of the confidentiality of your PD.
We make every possible effort and implement measures to protect our website in order to prevent unauthorized access to or loss of PD.
For the protection of your data, we restrict access to limited people, such as employees and external partners in order to provide the Services and to fulfil their own contracts with us(etc) You should be aware that these persons are subject to strict rules of confidentiality and may have consequences for violating them.
For the protection of PD, we use physical, technical and administrative measures in order to mitigate the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. However no one can guarantee absolute protection of PD you. You have, by your own, at the same time, to ensure the protection of your data, systems, network and other services that you use.
To remind you that we are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties who are likely to be linked to our website.
It is possible that during the execution of a Transaction to which Seller is "Company" and you the Customer, the parties to processing of Personal Data (or PD). It is understood that each o party is individually responsible for compliance with applicable legislation on the protection of the PD. The Company will continuously check and if necessary modify the details of the obligations of the transaction in order to correspond to the processing actually takes place.
PD processed only to the extent necessary for the fulfilment of the obligations deriving from the Services and to comply with the provisions of the current legislation (especially for purposes of tax and insurance law).
Categories of subjects, recipients and PD
The categories of the processed PD is mainly contact information, identification information and financial information where and when it is necessary (for example, in a simple communication, we process only data that you are giving in the contact form). Indicatively, PD, which may be processed by the Company in accordance with the necessity for each category of subjects is first name, last name, father's name, mother's name, professional or/and personal address, telephone number, e-mail addresses, tax id,Tax Office, number of identification card or passport, social security numbers , bank account number, credit card details, copies of professional and any other licenses and any similar information, data of financial solvency etc.
The subjects of the PD categorized.
Persons seeking information.
Customers or potential customers.
the persons representing them (de jure and de facto), employees, associates, assistants fulfillment and similar categories.
The PD may be disclosed to partners of the Company who provide administrative and other services (accounting, legal, e-services, etc) in order for the latter to proceed to specific processing operations exclusively and only for the purpose of execution of transactions for which such PD have been provided to the Company, being expressly prohibited by a written agreement with them to process the above PD for other purposes.
In some cases, the Company may work with third parties such as shipping companies or businesses, courier or any other business that their assistance is necessary for the execution of the transaction or the exercise of rights of data subjects.
In some cases it is necessary by legislation or by judicial or other public or/and independent authorities PD to be notified.
Also it may be necessary PD to be disclosed to third parties or public authorities if something like that is necessary to protect our rights and interests or if it is requested.
In some cases, PD, maybe it is necessary to be disclosed to third parties if you have given your express consent to this for the provision of additional services that have been requested.
The Company does not disclose PD in a third country outside the European Economic Area or to an international organization, unless authorized by express or as required by law. In the latter case, it shall inform that legal requirement before processing, unless the disclosure of such information is prohibited, for important reasons of public interest.
The duration of Treatment of all the PD is identified either with the duration of the Transaction and, in general, the commercial relationship which is the legal cause of processing or the duration required by the relevant applicable legislation in respect of them or the vital interests of our Company for the protection of the rights of. Eg. Tax Customers data is kept for the time prescribed by the tax law, but if there is a claim in court this time may be extended.
The Customer or prospective customer is acting as a controller for PD related to the categories of persons who represent him or working for him and related to the above categories of persons and is solely responsible for the manner and the means by which the PD is handled and communicated to the Company i.e. in cases where at least one of the following:
• has been given for this purpose, the relevant legal consent,
• the Customer has a legitimate right to their processing,
• the disclosure is necessary for the performance of a contract of which the data subject is a party,
• the disclosure is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person,
• the processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation of the controller,
• the processing is necessary for the performance of a task performed in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the Customers.
• the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or a third party, unless the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of PD prevail.
• The subject has given explicit consent.
This document is considered as provision of the necessary information to the data Subject for the processing made by the Company.
Where there is a third party controller has an express obligation to inform the data subjects on the processing that refers to them and the rights they have.
The Company processes the PD with a diligent manner and with full attention and only on the basis of this or other recorded orders, and only for the purposes of the fulfilment of obligations deriving from the Services or the Transaction or any contracts that may be concluded.
The Company when it uses automated systems for the processing of PD, separates them from other data.
The Company takes all technical and organizational measures to ensure the safe and lawful processing of PD i.e., administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of the PD against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration or unauthorized disclosure or access.
The same requirement of the preceding paragraph shall bring the Customer or prospective Customer of the law, on its own if it acts as a controller.
A Customer or candidate Customer must assist and cooperate as appropriate with the Company to the extent that this is possible, to provide it with the ability to comply with its obligations under the relevant legislation, is respect of the rights of data subjects, requests or notifications that are served by public authorities in relation to the processing activities carried out.
There is an obligation to immediately inform any Security lncident or/and Data Breach brought to anyone’s attention in respect of PD.
The Subject of the PD has the following rights
• access to the PD, namely, to complete information of the PD that relates to him, the data recipients, the purpose of the processing, the duration of processing, his rights and the guarantees under which any transfers to a Third country occur or an international organisation.
• to request the correction of his inaccurate PD
• deletion (right to be forgotten), in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and with the exceptions provided,
• right to restriction of processing, and the right to portability of data and the right to oppose the processing.
• The Company, however, has the right to refuse to the satisfaction of the above-mentioned rights if this means damage to its legitimate rights and interests, or breach of legal obligations.
• The Subject of the PD always has the right to complaint to the competent supervisory authority, i.e. the Authority for the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, Offices: Kifissias 1-3, T.K. 115 23, Athens, Tel: +30-210 6475600, Fax: +30-210 6475628, website (site) (where there is a portal of complaints), e-mail address (email) comaplaints@PDa.grif the processing of PD are contrary to applicable law.
• Any request or objection of the Subject relating to him, and the Company is a Controller should be submitted in writing to the DPO, 21067777990, The answer will also be required in writing and will be given within the timeframe provided by law.

The conditions and the privacy policy may be amended in the future if it is necessary, or as a result of a legislative change or amendment to the directives of the competent authorities. These amendments apply by posting them on the website .