Bespoke High-Performance Bridgestone Tyres Unleash the New Lamborghini Revuelto’s Potential - eltrak
New Bridgestone Turanza 6 Delivers Unrivalled Wet Performance
Elastrak introduces Infinity tyres in the Greek Market

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The summer issue of Cat Magazine is here!

The new Cat Magazine is filled with exciting news and updates from Eltrak and Caterpillar.


Inauguration of Elastrak’s New Tyre Logistics Center in Thessaloniki

We proudly inaugurated the new tyre distribution and storage center of ELASTRAK, a member of the ELTRAK group. Built from the ground up on our own property in Thessaloniki, it meets all modern specifications.


Reliable energy production by Eltrak

Everything you need to know about energy generation. Find the generator that suits you.