Our Key Advantage

The excellent lifetime performance of our products is our promise. For our customers, this means uncompromising top performance. The most economical, reliable, and innovative lifting solutions with a global network of professional service partners – for the entire lifespan of the product. Professionals need product solutions with outstanding lifecycle performance. High resale value, reduced downtime, and durable components are crucial parameters in cost performance – and thus, decisive reasons for our customers to invest in PALFINGER products. They know that, combined with exceptional performance, they are getting the most economical and cost-effective product solutions in the long run.


PALFINGER is a company founded in 1932. Since then, it has achieved one of the top positions internationally in the field of lifting, loading, and cargo management systems. With innovation, safety, reliability, and flexibility in the solutions it offers, it has earned the market's trust and is now a guarantee for the use of cranes in commercial vehicles and fixed equipment. PALFINGER products offer an amazing price-quality ratio, with long-lasting durability. Their top-notch durability, ease of use, extensive support network, and high resale value make investing in a PALFINGER more than just cost-effective throughout its usage period.

PALFINGER solutions serve construction materials companies, recycling materials companies, forestry and logging companies, transportation companies, and generally companies in the public and broader public sector.